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Here in Houston, the average amount drivers pay for car insurance annually is $2,211.62. This amount may not be high enough to land the city in the top 10 cities with expensive auto insurance, but it still is a hefty amount. Fortunately, there are ways you can get your car insurance on a discount. Listed below are some unexpected ways you can spend less when insuring your vehicle:
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Earlier this year, when the Federal Trade Commission cracked down on deceptive car dealer advertising, one Texas dealer was among the 10 included in the agency’s sweep. While the dealer doesn’t operate in Houston, car shoppers in the city aren’t exempted from deceiving advertising practices. Nonetheless, you will not be deceived if you know how car ads trick customers. Learn the ways dealer ads deceive people to avoid being a victim in the future.
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Posted on January 8, 2019

Is online car shopping a good idea? It is true that most car buyers here in Houston head to the Internet to do research about autos and their prices, but is purchasing a car from the same place one does car research recommended? Considering the fact that online car scams are rampant, online car shopping seems unwise. Even a careful consumer could be duped because online car buying scams are now more sophisticated than ever. What seems like a legitimate sale can leave you without money and without the car you thought you bought.
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On January 10th, General Motors Co. announced it was recalling about 370,000 of its redesigned 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks due to a software malfunction that can cause parts of the exhaust to heat up and result in fire. A week after the recall was announced, a Houston resident’s Chevy Silverado did burst into flames. Allen Paul, the truck’s owner, said he received the recall notice 30 minutes before the vehicle’s front end burned.It was unfortunate that the vehicle was engulfed in flames immediately after the recall notice was received. This incident proves that recall notices are issued for a reason and that it is important to take such notices seriously. Find out what you should do when your vehicle is part of a recall.
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Houston Auto Approval Center welcomes car buyers in need of subprime auto loans. If you are one, know that you can get a better rate even if you have blemished credit. How can you do this? Read the tips below
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